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Dear all,


I have implemented Samba PDC. Its working fine. But o do Highly Available, I have been trying to make it in 2 node cluster. Everything is running fine. But facing a problem, which I want to share.

When I shift PDC to another cluster node. Everything is shifting fine. But my existing user can not log in. The can logged in again if I rejoined that mechine again to domain. I am explaining little bit more.

Suppose user X can log in to my ClusterNode 1 PDC from a machine Y. If my ClusterNode 1 goes down all the resources are shifting to the ClusterNode 2. When user X try to log in from the same machine Y. X cant. I need to rejoined machine Y to the ClusterNode 2 then user X can log in.


Need Help please.




I would not recommend to put  samba PDC on Cluster at least not on Red Hat Cluster suite.  The reason being the tdb databases specifically in case of RHCS where the service is stopped one node and started on another node. 


The tdb databases cannot be synced properly, though can be done by putting tdb in gfs share, but unless CTDB is used in this case.


I would suggest you to use BDC's where when PDC is down, BDC would take the logon requests.


Else use CTDB , Though i personally not have done this and not followed the failover, but CTDB provides better TDB management when nodes are in cluster.




Thanks for your reply Mr, Niranjan.


I have not done BDC, I tried one time and I failed. Would you like to help me? If you can please provide me a good tutorial or any kind of step by step documents. Which will help me regarding this failover issue.







To configure BDC, you could refer to the below link


Make sure Backup domain controller can resolve the domain through DNS. and then join the BDC to PDC using the below steps:



1. Set the SID that is used by PDC on BDC

net rpc getsid <DOMAIN>


2. Join to the domain

net rpc join -U <administrator>


3. Start the smb services

service smb restart