New SOA release?

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With a bunch of new components already in GA for the commuity releases, is there a new SOA-P release upcoming?

If yes, is there a roadmap which components will it contain/support?








We have just completed the cycle for SOA-P 5.2 which was released about a month ago. It is anticipated that the next SOA-P will be 6 and not 5.3 and this may be around the 3rd quarter of next year. 


At the moment I can't tell you for sure what components will be in this version, however, the next version is more than likely going to be based on Switchyard [1].


I hope this answers your question.





JBoss Support Team



Hello Support Team,


Can you give any estimate when will more information be available concerning the upcoming SOA-P (6) release? Will it be based on Switchyard? Will it still include jBPM? Which version? Is schedule still Q3/12?


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Jukka Hiltunen



At the moment we don't have any information on this and it's still being discussed with our product managers and R&D. Unfortunately we don't know any specifics about versions of components or timescales for release cycles at this time.