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I have a Virtual Appliance that's meant for VMware that I want to run in RHEV. I have it in OVA format. How do I go about getting it into RHEV?  It's Cisco Prime Network Control System. Is there anyway to do a direct import, or do I have to deploy it in a vmware environment and then convert it using virt-v2v?


I'm afraid this cannot be done, at least not using virt-v2v.


It may be possible using qemu-img convert, but be warned that this has some problems with certain VMDK files, and if it succeeds you may need to make further modifications by hand before the guest will boot (eg. using libguestfs tools in RHEL).





Hi Richard,


what about the rhevm-image-uploader ??




would it be possible to upload OVA files using it ?





This tool is meant for RHEV-ready appliances, it will not convert an appliance meant for another platform. 

As Dan also pointed out above, the rhevm-image-uploader uploads the RHEV dialect of OVF. Unfortunatley OVF is not a full standard. It lacks to important areas:


  • It doesn't specify the hypervisor ABI (for example, which drivers to use, IDE vs SCSI vs virtio, etc).
  • It doesn't specify the image format (VDMK vs VHD vs QCOW)

Because of this, each platform has its own flavor of OVA/OVF, and rhemv-image-uploader uploads only the Red Hat flavor.


In your case, your best/only option is to deploy the appliance to VMware and then do a V2V. Virt-v2v may be able to to it, or you can download a free trial of the Acronis software here:




For more information on the image uploader and on the RHEV flavor of OVF, see these to knowledgebase articles: