Having trouble seeing Uploaded ISO files

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(Note: This is a moved comment thread from: https://access.redhat.com/discussion/rhev-30-beta-bugs?page=1#comment-20805)


I'm getting a WARNING when trying to use the rhevm-iso-uploader



[root@ataru ~]# rhevm-iso-uploader -i ISO upload /tmp/rhel-server-6.1-x86_64-dvd.iso Please provide the REST API password for RHEV-M (CTRL+D to abort): WARNING: unable to force the RHEV-M refresh its file list for the ISO ISO storage domain I can't choose the uploaded ISO files to install with either.


At this stage the iso uploader tries to do a refresh of the file list (it's being cashed to reduce network traffic), so the virtual machines can use it immediately. This stage is somehow failing.

Can you please run the same command with the -v option?

rhevm-iso-uploader -v -i ISO upload /tmp/rhel-server-6.1-x86_64-dvd.iso

You'll see everything on the screen and it will also be logged to /var/log/rhevm/rhevm-iso-uploader.log

Generally, you will see this warning when your ISO domain is not in an active state.  You can determine the state of your ISO domain by either navigating to the UI or by running the rhevm-iso-uploader with the "list" option


[root@inductor ~]# rhevm-iso-uploader list

Please provide the REST API password for RHEV-M (CTRL+D to abort):
ISO Storage Domain Name   | Datacenter                | ISO Domain Status
LegacyISO                 | LegacyDC                  | active

Note, the program is simply warning you about the fact that is was unable to force the RHEV-M to refresh the files that it knows about in the ISO domain.  This is not an error and your files should have been uploaded.


You can correct the issue by activating the ISO domain and pressing refresh from the UI.

Thanks, I will try to get it setup again next week and see if that works.