RHEVM Beta 3.0 still enforces windows :(

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I've joined the rhevm beta and am currently installing all necessary components.

While connecting the administration portal I got this reply:



This is a joke, isn't it?

What do you think about !?


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In 3.0 the main admin GUI is still based on WPF, a .net technology that requires IE. This is a legacy from the old RHEV 2.x of course.


RHEV 3.0 beta4 comes with a beta version of the new web GUI, which is not fully operational yet (still missing some of the features) - and this is why the old WPF based GUI is still present. You can accomplish most of the admin tasks using the new webGUI, but it's going to remain a tech preview until it's complete and well tested.


In the upcoming versions the IE dependency will be removed. Also, if you have no windows desktop or VM you can start IE in, you can manage the entire RHEV setup using the API.


EDIT: here you can find more details about the web admin portal: https://access.redhat.com/notice/technical-preview-web-admin-portal

I'm glad to hear that.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Temporary, administration portal still requires Windows Client  

The reason is just a mater of how many changes possible in a certain amount of time
In less then a year:
Backend moved from .Net c# to Java
Data Base has moved from MSSQL to PostgreSQL
All tools converted to shell utilities
PowerShell API moved to REST API
Everything installed on RHEL6
Added RHEL6 Support for the hosts.

The only thing that has not fully completed yet is the GUI administrator portal which is still Windows WPF which will move to full web UI supported in RHEL on RHEV 3.1


And everything was open sourced see http://www.ovirt.org/ this was a huge effort.

With that said,

You can fully configure RHEV Manager Data centers, clusters, storage and networking using the REST API and then fully manage the virtual machines and templates life cycles (Create, Deleted, Edit, Start, Stop, etc) from the new Power User Portal that is fully supported on firefox running on RHEL box. So it is possible not to use Windows at all.

Also to show how committed Red Hat is to move away from any Windows dependency RHEV Beta already has a tech preview of the upcoming web administrator portal see the announcement: