multipath iSCSI storage domain

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I have created an iSCSI target that has access from 2 networks: and   On the RHEV host, I have setup multipath to access this disk in a round-robin fashion, using friendly name "blue":


# multipath -l
blue (188424d93-8676-425d-9c63) dm-0 Perrier,VIRTUAL-DISK
size=198G features='0' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
|-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=0 status=active
| `- 10:0:0:1 sdb 8:16 active undef running
`-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=0 status=enabled
  `- 9:0:0:1  sdc 8:32 active undef running


This disk was handed to the datacenter as a data/iSCSI domain.  I checked both paths in the New Domain dialog box, see attachment.


I believe that both paths are being used when I create VMs on this disk.


Is this the correct way to implement multipath in RHEV?


I preferred to not use NIC bonding, because of past difficulties getting the NetAdmin to adjust Cisco properties on the core switch.

Please advise.


Actually, you're not supposed to set up multipathing on the host yourself, nor are you supposed to connect to the target manually on the host. The GUI has the facility for all of those actions, and should be used, because otherwise, the database will not contain all the login IPs for all the portals, and you'll end up with no auto-attached storage when your hosts reboot. describes a 2.2 setup, it should provide a rough idea of how to set things up in 3.0 as well