Cursor uncontrollable in spice console at initial VM boot

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I just created my first VM from the RHEV-M 3.0 GUI specifying a RHEL6.1 ISO to boot from.  The spice console app downloaded when I selected the console icon and I can get to the spice console and see the beginning of the graphical RHEL 6.1 installation but I have little control of the cursor with my mouse.  The cursor mostly sticks to the sides of the window and can not be controlled to select anything.


Do I need to configure the spice console somehow?


I'm running RHEV-M in IE7 on Win2008R2.





I'm accessing RHEV-M 3.0 through an RDP connection which is a known problem for SPICE:


My local desktop machine is not on the same network as my RHEV environment.  I can only access my RHEV environment through ssh.  I had tunneled ports 8080 and 8443 through to the RHEV-M manager box but tunneling the SPICE ports to multiple RHEL host boxes will become unmanageable.


Hopefully, I can use a socks proxy.  I'll look into that next.

  1. DOC-34497 issue has been resolved for RHEV 3. If this is a Windows guest then please install the guest tools, otherwise if this is a RHEL guest make sure you have installed the xorg-x11-drv-qxl driver and spice-vdagent. This not only enables the mouse courser not be grubbed by the Spice window but will also enable SPICE to work within RDP, though you'll be reduced to RDP performance your mouse will be operational. The only limitation here is that this will only be available while the guest OS is up - not during the installation phase.
  2. You can add another network to the hosts and set it as the display network. This means that you still have the required segregation between rhevm or any other data carrying network and the display network.

For those of you interested installing guest os tools in windows, I found directions in following:

After installing tools, It become possible to use the mouse inside Spice console even if accessed from inside a RDP session.

This is as designed, though spice performance is still better when used directly