Support for JBossWS metro stack?

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How can I get support for the JBosssWS metro stack? I can find only the GA versions for download, but no EAP versions.


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There is no JBossWS Metro stack for EAP. You can use the Sun JAX-WS RI, but we would recommend you use either the JBossWS Native or Apache CXF JAX-WS (EAP 5.1.x) stack because we will deliver patches for those two stacks.  We can't deliver patches for the Sun JAX-WS RI.  We thoroughly test and QA both our JBossWS native and CXF (EAP 5.1.x) stacks, and that is why we are able to fully support these stacks.  In addition, if there is a JBoss EAP component (such as ESB) that depends on a web services implementation and if you are using the Sun Metro stack, you will need to test any issues you encounter with a stack that was shipped in the version of the JBoss product that you're using in order to confirm that this is an issue in that component.


As a FYI - JBossWS CXF stack will be the default web service stack in EAP 6.