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Is there any requirement that the RHEV-M v3 host be located near the RHEV-H v3 datacenter and hosts?


I mean that I am considering keeping the RHEV-M installation at the home office, while loading the datacenter 1000+ miles away.    The IP subnets will be different as well.


What I would recommend is to have the RHEV Manager at the same data center as the hosts, and connect to the RHEV Manager remotely.

Otherwise make sure that:

  1. Your latency is reasonable, I don't have the exact numbers but up to 150msec should work safely as this is what I have here, beyond that I'll need to look up the numbers
  2. RHEM-Manager FQDN is fully resolvable (forward and revers) on the name servers the hosts are using
  3. The hosts' FQDNs are fully resolvable  (forward and revers) on the name server RHEV Manager is using 
  4. RHEVM Manager has rout to the rhevm network of the hosts
  5. There is no firewall blocking the ports required by RHEV Manager (see documentation)  to communicate with the hosts and probably for the SPICE protocol 
  6. The storage must be near the Hosts

thanks for the details.   When I ping the remote location, I get 29ms average.  We have 3 bonded T1 links to that location, giving bandwith of 4.5mbps.

However please make sure not to install with the option to have the ISO domain installed within the RHEV manager server. Your bandwidth will not be enough to allow attaching ISO's to virtual machine.


If you need an ISO data domain, please make sure it's on the same locations as the hosts


Also note that populating the ISO domain from the RHEV Manager using the rhev-iso-uploader utility will take some time. However those are usually rare operations so you should be safe here.

It seems that RHEV-M doesn't have any big processing demands.   Can it be run as a KVM guest on a node outside of the RHEV cluster?


I have run out of physical servers.   That is why I ask.

The Virtual Machines (I have many RHEV Manager VMs) configuration is:

  1. 4 Gbyte of RAM, please do not provide less then 3G as you do have JBoss + Postgres running on this guest.
  2. 4 Cores (though 2 work well), and it's over committed meaning the server only has 4 CPUs. 

However my setup is not very loaded, if you plan to have multiple hosts and hundreds of virtual machines please do not over heavily commit too much.

Many of the RHEVM servers in Red Hat's RHEV Quality Assurance group are virtual machines. 2vCPUs, 4GB RAM, running as VMs in a RHEVM setup.