Virtual Network trashed after latest Xen update for RHEL 5.5

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After applying RHSA-2011:1401-1 all Xen DomUs are dead due to (yet to be resolved) network issues.


I use bridging with two interfaces - so xenbr0 and xenbr1 - after update no xenbr0 and no bootable DomUs. First DomU appears as migrating-XXXXX (where XXXXX is the DomU name) and then, after a long pause, login prompt and (maybe) the migrating DomU with missing interfaces and no other DomUs.


ifconfig shows xenbr1 and no xenbr0.




(1) Beware!

(2) Any suggestions for escaping?


===== Update =====

If you have cloned the network-bridge script when implementing a multi-bridge environment (as described in various texts) then this seems to be the root cause. Copy the post update network-bridge script to be the cloned version and life seems to get better,


+++++Update 2+++++

So how do you extend the virtual networking environment in a safe (update invulnerable) way?


There had some issues reported against the same version of the package .It is documented at . Can you have a sanity check against this kb ?