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I have RHEL 5.5 as a file server - NFS/CIFS.  I would like to host FC LUN for a lab host.

I know ISCSI has ISCSI-target which works fine - are there any FiberChannel targets ? 


The main motivation is having a LAB unified storage.





SCST looks like it may be what you are looking for. It is a general SCSI target framework that I believe also supports Fibrechannel.

Yeah, I was about 15 minutes too late (just saw your post after I made mine).


Does anyone know which direction Red Hat, Fedora and/or upstream kernel.org is moving?

Much of the generic SCSI target userspace is in the package scsi-target-utils, with the rest being in the kernel.  The upstream project (STGT) is here: 

I can't attest to the status of the upstream project's support for FC cards.  However, the EL6.2 Beta is shipping with FCoE target support as a tech preview.

"Support for Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) target mode

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 includes support for Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) target mode, as a Technology Preview. This kernel feature is configurable via targetadmin, supplied by the fcoe-target-utils package. FCoE is designed to be used on a network supporting Data Center Bridging (DCB). Further details are available in the dcbtool(8) and targetadmin(8) man pages."


I know there is another project (SCST) that offers various target support, and allegedly QLogic FC card support as a target.  But I am ignorant on this project, and I don't think it is upstream to any Enterprise Linux release (yet?).

I haven't kept up, so I could be behind in the latest adoptions.  SCST makes several claims in its project page.

I don't know what would be supported by Red Hat outside of the SGST support it includes, but I'm sure you should be considering EL6 (2.6.32) as a base if you're looking towards SCST.

Sounds good - i guess i have some work to do now.

Thanks all for you help !