recreating initrd for RHEV v2.2

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If we need to regenerate initrd (after making some changed to, say, qlogic config in /etc/modules.conf), then how do we do it ?


I could not find "mkinitrd" on the system running RHEV v2.2.





In this case this is not supported, RHEV Hypervisor is locked down in 2.2.


Is this supported in latest RHEV release ?

Is creating initrd, via "dracut" or "mkinitrd" supported in latest RHEV release ?

Latest version of rhev-h (RHEL6 based) has dracut and mkinitrd in it.


Any changes on RHEV-H  (except from admin menu or from RHEV-M) is not supported unless it's advised or guided by Red Hat support.

Thanks Sadique.

Suppose I do a minor change in multipath.conf file and make it persist, and also want to reinitialize the initrd image.

Will execution of "dracut" and "mkinitrd" commands succeed without any problem ?

any thoughts ?