Problems whit desktops virtualizaton

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I'm testing the desktop virtualization technology, because we are thinking of installing it in my organization, and I have some problems downloading the ISO with the RHEV hypervisor. Can you help?. I'm using a trial version to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5




In order to download Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization today, one requires a RHEV trial entitlement. Unfortunately a RHEL entitlement does not gain access to RHEV bits, as they are separate products.


Feel free to contact the same sales entity that granted you the RHEL trial entitlement for information on getting a RHEV one.





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I have both RHEL 6.0 and 6.3 version . I am tirying Virtualization form past one week on both the version but both the version are having simillar issues. RHEV is not getting installed, it reports lot of packeges conflicts. If I try to download Virtualization 3.1, it gives RHEL 6.3 for download. Virtualization 3.1 individul packege download gives totally 16 packeges but issue remain same i.e. packeges conflicts.

I want to install XEN as it use to be on RHEL 5 series. In RHEL 5 series, we boot our machine on Xen and have easy Virtualization . But in the RHEL 6.0 and 6.1, QEMU/KVM is only available but if we try XEN it say "CANNOT CONNECT TO XEN". However I have installed virtual machine based on QEMU/KVM but have network issue. It takes all network configration of its own DNS. Our requirement is to have seperate network on both machine reaching each other independently and to the rest of network.

Please provide solution.


Like Andrius already said, RHEV is not a part of RHEL, you need an additional subscription t install RHEV. 

RHEV uses KVM, not Xen, and besides, Xen is not supported on RHEL6.

to install RHEV, please follow the Evaluation Guide, it will take you through all the necessary steps