RHEL6 -How to control X server startup options e.g. Xorg -audit

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I found a post in the knowledge base showing how to set the -nolisten option.  I however need to set the -audit option when X server starts.  It is a security requirement for our Security Readiness Review checks our customer requires.  Currently for RHEL5 we use gdmsetup to set that option, however with gdmsetup deprecated for RHEL6, how do I set this option?


I think you can add it to /etc/gdm/custom.conf.

There's a huge config doc on all of the options that are available. This might be a good reference:


Have a look at section 4.2.8. Using the command directive inside of an X server definition should allow you to pass arbitrary options to the X server.

This is a known issue with RHEL6, and currently proposed to resolved with 6.3, but not committed for inclusion. Please contact support for further information.


  Alternatively, one would have to rebuild gdm with "-audit )" replaced with "-audit 4" in "configure" file.



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