Better updates for Firefox!

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I'll really hope there will be a better way to update the browser and keep track so we can enjoy using the latest version for Firefox.


As it is right now, I'm using the "latest" version of Firefox in RHEL 6 WS which is 3.6.23. And some pages requires the latest version of Firefox which is 7.0.1 as to days date.


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Hi Pontus,


Product Management are actively looking at better ways to support the new Firefox release schedule that also includes taking in to account Mozilla's own efforts for an entrprise style release:


There are a number of existing BZ entries for this and it is currently expected that there will be a rebased Firefox before too long, but I regret I do not have those dates at the moment.





  In addition to above, do keep a check on






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I'm curious - which sites that you refer to *require* Firefox 7.0.1?


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As for right now, It's


I can't even access the site with the version I'm using right now. =/


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Hi Pontus,


thank you for your patience with this one.


Please can you check out:


Which I hope will alleviate some of the issues you have been seeing.


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Updated Firefox 10 packages are now available for RHEL 5 and 6. Please refer to the following KBASE for more information:





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We are waiting for version 18, 19 not version 10 !