NNTP access to online user groups

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At the risk of being called an old fashioned greybeard, I must say I don't think webforums work as well as good old usenet. Within *** we use "jive forums" which gives both web and NNTP access to the discussion forums.


So, it would be great if you could offer NNTP access to the Groups. That would make it much easier to follow and participate in discussions than what we have now with only web access.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jan-Frode. I'd really appreciate any community feedback on this feature to help us determine prioritization (we've got quite a backlog now), and I'll see what's involved from the Drupal side.


So what does everybody else think of this?




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I think its a great idea. I'm not sure what all is involved on the Drupal backend but anything that makes the information more widely accessible to our valued customers would be cool in my book!