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After running thru a non-kickstart graphical install (mostly package selection customization) I decided to use the resulting anaconda-ks.cfg as the basis for a kickstart install of similarly-configured systems.


Based on the documentation, the ks "interactive" and "graphical" commands seemed like just the ticket.  Run thru the install just like non-kickstart but pre-polulate the various "answers" with values I'd used for my template system.


First problem, the kickstart install can't find the yum repository.  I think the ks.cfg line at fault is:


repo --name="Red Hat Enterprise Linux"  --baseurl=cdrom:sr0 --cost=100






You need a URL directive which specifies where your repo is.

url --url http://yum/yum/RHEL/5/os/x86_64/

You can also use system-config-kickstart to help you with generating a kickstart configuration. (yum -y install system-config-kickstart)

Here's a link to a basic RHEL kickstart file (I'm sure there are better examples available. This was the first one I could find):

Using the F2 console I was able to see that the cdrom gets mounted to /mnt/source so I changed the line to read:


repo --name="Red Hat Enterprise Linux"  --baseurl=file:///mnt/source/ --cost=100


which works.  So I entered a bugzilla report, which was closed as a duplicate of another bug.  But I'm not allowed to see that other bug because it contains "sensitive customer data" so I have no idea exactly what's broken and if/when it will be fixed.



The bug is private because it was opened by one of Red Hat's partners, and unfortunately we are unable to open it up to the public for this reason.  If you'd like to open a support case, we can attach your case to the bugzilla and keep you informed of any progress. This will also help add priority to fixing that bug as soon as possible, as our Product Management and Engineering teams will be notified that there are customers being affected by this.


Please note: Bugzilla is not meant to be a support tool, and opening a support case is always the preferred mechanism for getting an official fix for problems with Red Hat products.  Bugs reported directly through Bugzilla do not always carry the same weight as those opened through support tickets. 


That said, a fix for this issue is currently proposed for inclusion in the release of RHEL 6.3.  Because we are approaching the release of 6.2 (the beta was just released today) this fix unfortunately did not make it in to that update.  Keep an eye on the release notes and anaconda errata posted with 6.3 Beta.  If this fix makes it in, you should see mention of it there, and in the anaconda changelog. 


Let us know if we can help with anything else.



John Ruemker, RHCA

Red Hat Software Maintenence Engineer

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