Adding Ubuntu as a client in LDAP on RHEL

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Hi All,

 Hope you guys are doing fine. Guys I am facing a problem. I am sharing with you.

I have implemented LDAP + SAMBA on RHEL for PDC (Primary Domain Controller). Its working fine. My windows workstations are authenticating with servers. Also my Linux clients (Red Hat and CentOS's) are authenticating and working fine. I thought My Ubuntu;s will be able to join on that domain But while adding Ubuntu its not adding.

My question:


1. will it work under my LDAP PDC as Centos / Red Hat are working.

2. Do I need / configure any 3rd party tools which will act like a middle man to authenticate Ubuntu for joining to that domian.


I hope I will get response from the tech lovers.






please don't get me wrong, but I think this questions should go to an Ubuntu forum, as obviously your RHEL PDC is working fine.


From what I can tell, you will have to configure samba on the Ubuntu clients if you want to use them as members of the domain. If they shall only authenticate against the LDAP server, configuring them as LDAP clients will be enough.





Here's a link on configuring client authentication on Ubuntu:

Hi Marko


Thanks for your reply dude.


But I dont think we should configure SAMBA. As we know SAMBA is a protocol to give a platform for windows file system. AS Ubuntu is under ext3 file system it shoud be communicate with PDC server. Btw I have already submitted this qs to ubuntu forum.


Thanks again for eur reply.


Hi Phil,


Thanks for your reply also.


I have been trying with this link. My qs is will it work or we need any third party tools like "smbldap" ...?

If you just want to set up authentication with Ubuntu Linux boxes against a RHEL-based LDAP directory server, regular LDAP authentication should be fine.

smbldap should not be required.