How do you tell if a bug you've found is fixed in a version of EAP ?

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You've been doing some proof of concept work with JBoss EAP 5.1.0 and you've hit a bug.

How do you know if it is fixed in EAP 5.1.1 ?

One answer is to inspect the pom.xml file used to build EAP and tie it up to the jira issue describing the fix.

For example:

You've been working on your latest project inspired by the work of Bollen, Mao & Zeng[1].
You are using HornetQ and Twitter and you think you've hit

Inspection of this jira issue states that it's fixed in Hornet Q 2.2.0.

So the next question is which version of EAP is it fixed in?

You look at the maven pom.xml file used to build EAP

Looking at

you see EAP 5.1.0 is built with HornetQ 2.1.2 and looking at

you see EAP 5.1.1 is built with HornetQ 2.2.5

So as was fixed in version 2.2.0 it will be in EAP 5.1.1

So you download EAP 5.1.1 and get that proof of concept project up and running.
You also note that Hornet Q is Tech preview in EAP 5.1.1 so not fully supported yet, but, the proof of concept works well enough to demonstrate the feasibility of the idea.



For SOA-P you will need to look at which EAP version this is based on. For SOA-P 5.2, for example, this can be found at


You will see that SOA-P 5.2 is built upon EAP 5.1.1


You would then need to look at and follow the process above.

For EAP 6 you can find which versions are used by looking at the names of the jars in the modules directory.


For example inspection of .../jboss-eap-6.0/modules/org/hornetq/main/

shows hornetq-jms-2.2.16.Final-redhat-1.jar used being used.

Thanks for keeping this updated, Shaun