hypervisor 6.2-0.12.el6 install failed on a disk containing lvm partitions

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I have test many times  ,found  that  the hypervisor installation will fail  if there are lvm partitions  , so if I reinstall the hypervisor  ,I must boot into rescue mode ,delete all partitions  ,then  install hypervisor again  , succed , must it be installed on a disk without partition ?


I've found that although the installer is supposed to run dd=/dev/zero of=/dev/whatever bs=1M count=50, this doesn't actually work (or doesn't get run early enough) so you have to boot a live image and do this manually at the minute.  I imagine this will be fixed before it's released - it's a bug that I already mentioned in another thread.

Add 'reinstall' to the boot parameters?  That should do an explicit clean up of any past LVM setup.  Per the documentation this boot option should address the issue.

Grub menu, when you boot the RHEV-H for installation, provides a "Reinstall" option which can be selected to work around it.