EAP6 vs EAP5

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I wonder what are the expections regarding transactions per second an EAP6 will be able to serve and what's the improvement compared to EAP5.


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This would be interesting. I've used AS7/EAP6 very little so do not know much about the expected performance. I know it has an extremely shortened boot time but it would be good to see if the container is expected to produce a certain amount of boosted performance or not.

I found a presentation from the Summit that talks a little bit about performance with EAP5/EAP6.

An interesting question, unfortunately the answer is based on what features of EAP your application is using.

Phil posted a great resource, which has specific metrics for HornetQ, the messaging implementation in EAP 6. I guess your question is not related to messaging though.

The best advise I could give you is to test your application on both EAP 5, and 6, (AS7), to see how they compare. Depending on what features, such as web connector, EJB, and JCA, you are using will greatly effect the results of the comparison in my opinion.

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I've found several benchmarking reports for HornetQ from several sources, but none for the AS7/EAP6 server. The summit's presentation throws an bird's eye on the subject but without numbers. But as you say, best advice is testing on both servers. This lead us to the next questions... ;)

when is the early access EAP6 comming? and

when will EJB2 deployment be available?

EAP 6 Beta Early Access is coming up soon. It is best that you contact your TAM (if you have one) to get on the list of candidates or open a support case and state that you would like to be considered as candidate for the EAP 6 beta early access