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At our company we deploy RHEL in many different network zones and many different locations. It would be good if we could have a federated model for the Satellite server. There would be central (or master) server which would connect to Redhat. This would continue to be the central point to manage subscriptions and update pull down. Downstream servers would pull updates from the central server and support a subset of the overall fleet. These servers would be placed in either corporate LAN, remote sites or DMZs. For DMZs that would be particulate useful as it lowers the surface of attack. For remote sites, it would minimise WAN traffic utilisation.




My understanding is that this model is currently supported with the use of the Red Hat Network Proxy Server. Additional architecture detail can be found here:

Proxy Server
Red Hat Network Proxy Server is also available as an add-on for both Hosted and Satellite environments. The Proxy Server caches packages to speed downloads. In a Hosted environment, this can greatly reduce Internet bandwidth used. If you are using Satellite server, adding Proxy servers to remote locations that have many systems can improve scalability and performance.

I've been managing multiple RHN Satellite Servers since RHN421, including multiple "disconnected" since RHN510.


You can point one RHN Satellite Server at another for updates.  You can also "export" and "import" channel dumps for "disconnected" RHN Satellite Servers.  I've done this between "airgap" networks (e.g., NIPRNET -> SIPRNET -> JWICS).


Or am I not seeing the request correctly?

Will check it out. Thanks

Will check it out. Thnaks