Distributed Sheel in RHEL 7

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Since many of the systems for which I am responsible exist within a clustered environment, I see value in providing a distributed shell for simplified management.  While I still use SSH/PXE/Kickstart/Puppet, etc for configuration management, a distr. shell would allow for easier 'on-the-fly' changes.  Just a thought.


You mean you want the Func?  ;)

  • https://fedorahosted.org/func/

And if you had didn't heard of it before today, you'll be happy to note that Michel DeHann (Cobbler/Koan/others) is behind it.

  • http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MichaelDeHaan

The greater issues of identity, network, system and other management are also where I've heard Red Hat needs a lot of input.  Things like what Spacewalk / RHN Satellite Server and other things have and don't have.


Don't know if these are directly related to the "platform" (Enterprise Linux) product itself, although Enterprise Identity Management (IPA) is part of EL6.1+ now (even if still currently in Tech Preview).

We use something similar (Fabric) in a multi-thousand node hosted environment. I've frequently wrapped it with GNU Parallel to reach out and touch thousands of cluster masters in a minute or two.

It is also Python-based, and uses SSH along with small Python functions ("fabric atoms") to do the work.

Func, Satellite, Spacewalk and several others provide this kind of functionallity.


I'll admit, however, that this kind of functionallity should NOT be part of an extra chargeable license through Satellite.  The whole "Push-to-Client" grates me because I don't see why we pay extra just to have our chosen commands picked up nearly immediately.  I'd say that Provisioning and Push-to-Client are sufficiently different processes that lumping them in with the same license is a touch specious.


Yes, push-to-client may require licensed products, but it really ought not.  Running commands in a timely fashion across my estate should be part of the basic Management license.  And yes, I've brought it up with account managers in the past.

All I can ask is ... have you compared Red Hat's RHN Satellite Server and various, optional feature pricing to many other management solutions out there?  It's rather cheap IMHO.