Support for Nginx, PHP-FPM, APC Varnish and Memcached

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Current web server admins are talking about the benefits of Nginx over Apache for certain scenarios, such as pretty dynamic websites were static content is not the one that rules that sites.


Apache was fine for that content, and can also work for dynamic sites, but Nginx works really well for blogs and web portals made with CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. 


It would be really interesting to have support for Nginx at RHEL 7, and also consider the availability of PHP-FPM, APC (here one could talk also about Xcache or eAccelerator), Varnish and Memcached to power these kind of sites. 


The combination of this packages with the virtualization capabilities of a RHELsystem could lead to perfect deployments for web hosting sites. 


Memcached is already included in RHEL 6.

Ups, didn't know that, thank you!

This would be great for us.

Yes, I'm using nginx now for reverse proxy. It works great.

Support for Nginx and PHP-FPM would benifit us greatly!

With an agile development environment that we have (and all the ideas always flying arround); it would provide flexability that we could leverage greatly!


on epel repo

RHEL 6.x
memcached is 1.4.4
redis is 2.4.10
--> very old version

RHEL 7.x
memcached is 1.4.15 --> very old version
redis is 2.8.14

Check out the software collections for supported, newer versions of nginx and memcached.