Consider re-including Exim

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Hello all,


as a long-time Sendmail user I was really excited to discover the features, the flexibility and the ease of configuration of Exim. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 was the first platform on which I used it. It helped our company a lot to get an efficient and spam-resistant e-mail system up and running.


Sadly this great MTA is not a part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux anymore in version 6. While it is still possibile to get it installed using some extra repositories, this is a significant step backwards in my view.


So please consider re-including it in Version 7 of your great OS!






There's an inevitability to changing available MTA's that someone won't be happy that their favourite is being dropped.


We, too, are in this position with exim installed on relevant systems.  Currently things are being investigated to transition to Postfix.  There are endless comparissons of MTA's available on the internet and essentially they all do the same job in subtly different ways.  Perhaps excluding sendmail, the rest of them don't really have any big wins over each other.


The conclusion we came to was to accept the change and adapt appropriately.  Whether that means using a non-official version of Exim or Postfix is currently being debated - but it looks like Postfix is in the lead by a neck.


Perhaps we need some clear and thorough reasoning from Red Hat as to why the change has been made.  It could be purely financial.  It could be that Exim users on Red Hat are in the vast minority.


Edit:  Nearly forgot.  What about MeTA1 getting included?  Perhaps what's needed is a wider debate as to the why's and wherefore's of the key MTA players?