Implement OpenVZ support or LXC

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We need it very soon, we can't fully switch to container virtrualization because not sure that version with replaced unofficial kernel will be supported and not sure that container without kernel will be supported by RedHat. Why not just to add OpenVZ or LXC to official RHEL?


KVM is not so flexible as containers, if Linux virtualized on Linux.

And containers save a lot of resources with better performance.


I think since the LXC with libvirt integrations are already a tech preview in RHEL6.1 it isn't far off that there will be container based virtualization long before RHEL7 but it would be nice to keep that running in RHEL7 as well as possibly enhance some of its capabilities, incorporate SELinux bits for further namespace isolation, and hopefully rolling out some good docs on how to setup/manage/deploy using LXC+libvirt.

I found the virt-manager roadmap which mentions adding UI support for LXC as well. The LXC libvirt driver appears to be stable based on the content in the roadmap.