Cluster Quorum Server

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We use RHCS with Quorum disk or a third node for quorum.

Coming from HP-UX world, we miss a concept of a Quorum Server and it would be very beneficial for us


Our experience with quorum disk is not good as it's very sensible to Storage response times and timeout adjustments. Furthermore, a quorum disk cannot be used for environments requiring replicated storage

On the other side, having a third node for the quorum is more robust but very expensive when there is a big amount of clusters in  the company (at least one virtual machine per cluster)


Having the ability to use a separate RHCS offering quorum services for a big amount of clusters in the company would be really helpful


I agree.  Quorum disk timing in SAN is diificult to manage and even harder to find just the right settings for the cluster.conf file.  (We just don't use a qdisk for any cluster with three nodes or more.) At least a cheap piece of hardware running minimal Linux could suffice as a quorum target for a number of clusters.

This feature would be appreciated by HP-UX or MC/ServiceGuard for Linux users, who had the same concept.


In short, all it takes is a tie-breaker process to run on a server, being able to ensure a majority quorum for two-node clusters. The key aspect is that this process can handle several clusters at a time.


It would also enable robust configurations for stretch clusters, if the quorum server is running on a third datacenter.