eclipse cdt requires root priviledges

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I installed RHEL 6.1 a while back and chose the "Software Development Workstation" option. I now need to develop C/C++ using CDT, but it doesn't show up as a perspective or a new project wizard when I run it as a normal user. If I run it using "sudo eclipse", I have all the expected options.


I don't want to run a root when developing. What am I doing wrong?




+1 to this post.  It's not just an inconvenience to have to develop with root access.

Running RHEL v6.2  X86-64 and Eclipse v3.6.1

At first, I could not see the C/C++ perspective.


I found experimentally that I needed to launch eclipse from a terminal window as root ONE TIME ONLY, and open the perspective C/C++.


After that, I am able to see the C/C++ perspective without using root access.