RHEL 6 kickstart Server

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We had RHEL 5.5 pxe/dhcp/kickstart server. for LAB/Multi installation needs.

We decided to change to RHEL 6.1 as our main repo.


Same RPMS are missing from RHEL 6.1 - especually the ones creating /tftpboot/ and all the PXE files.

I can build them from scratch - however i was thinking of a more elegent way of doing it.

Any thoughts?




From http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Migration_Planning_Guide/chap-Migration_Guide-Package_Changes.html#sect-Migration_Guide-Package_Changes-System_Configuration_Tools:
It appears that system-config-netboot was removed without replacement, and the use of Red Hat Satellite is recommended. There's an open source version of this project available as Spacewalk, or you could just grab the individual Cobbler component and use it:


We use Satellite for this, which includes cobbler. You could use the community based Spacewalk or get Red Hat supported Satellite. Or cobbler by itself.

all i want to do is a simple kickstart server for rhel 5.x / 6.x.

Cant i just use simple tools like netboot ?

I dont have internet connection therefor i would like to have all internal.

Has anyone configured spacewalk ? - do i need a learning curve now ? :)



Never used spacewalk per se but we use Satellite. No learning curve with Satellite. A few things to learn but not much. Not sure in regards to other tools.


For our virtual infrastructure we use VMware ESXi and vCenter. We have a data store with our kickstarts for provisioning a new RHEL machine because all new machines are virtual. However, Satellite and cobbler can both easily do this. Maybe take a look at installing cobbler or spacewalk on a test box? Maybe also scan their docs a little and get a feel for what you would need.

Satellite  has a lot of benefits beyond network installs with kickstarts, might be a bit over the top for just what you're describing.


Red Hat still has a guide to setting up a basic netboot server with PXE and tftp:



After this just making sure your kickstarts are available should be about all you need if I was understanding your goal correctly.