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Hi all,


I have Installed RHEL 5 in HP Porliant DL380 G4 server Installation got successfull, after reboot Linux is not booting from Hard Disk I have stucked with the message " Attempting boot from hard drive (C:) "

Any comments on this what may be the issue.



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did you install from RHEL a USB? if yes, then you have installed grub on your USB stick.




No I have  Installed  from Cd Rom of Server it self.



Do you recall if, during the installation process, you changed any of the options for grub?  For instance, the device that it would be installed to? 


What update level of RHEL 5 did you install?

Did you configure any software RAID during installation, particularly on the /boot file system?


You may want to boot into rescue mode and try reinstalling grub:


* Boot off your installation media

* At the boot prompt, type linux rescue (and optionally any console options you may need):


  boot> linux rescue [console=ttyS0]


* Answer the questions

* Reinstall grub:


 # grub-install /dev/sdX


replacing sdX with your actual root device.


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Sounds like you are trying to set up a dual-boot machine, or didn't completely wipe all previous partitions?



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