entitlement Certificate when I rebuild?

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Hi, I'm new to Linux and built a server to study for my RHCSA and RHCE. The server I built did not have vitualization hardware technology. I had already registered this server and installed my entitlement certificate when I discovered this.


I simply trashed the instalation and went out and bought a machine with the correct hardware. Now I have re-installed RHEL 6 on this new machine I do not have access to a new certificate.


Can anybody advise the best course of actiuon open to me mow?


I only have the 30 day trial subscription by the way.



Andy B


You should be able to go to https://access.redhat.com/management/consumers, find the host, and click on "Delete this consumer." You can also click on the applied subscription and click on "Remove Selected," if you want to keep the host/consumer in the list.



Maybe this will help?





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