Subscribe to RHEL Server Optional sub-channel using RHN Certificate-based Subscription Management?

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When using RHN Classic Subscription Management, it is possible to subscribe to the RHEL Server Optional (v. 6 64-bit x86_64) channel.


How does one enable access to the packages in this channel when using RHN Certificate-based Subscription Management?


On a related note, how does one download the packages in the RHEL Server Optional channel so they are available during an install?   In my particular example I would like to have the libselinux-ruby package available during install the so I can install puppet from the EPEL repository and be able to manage the system when it is finished installing.



As for libselinux-ruby, I think this has to be done in %post. I could be wrong...



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The previous post describes the process for Certificate-based RHN.  I believe you're looking for RHN Classic instructions, if I'm not mistaken.


You can enable access to the RHEL Server Optional channel through RHN Classic Subscription Management for an *already registered* system with the following instructions


1) Go to and login
2) In the text input box near the top, make sure "Systems" is selected and type the name of your system.   If more than one result is available, choose the system you are interested in.
3) Click the "Alter Channel Subscriptions" link on the lower left side
4) Check the Optional channel and click Change Subscriptions.


Now, yum commands will automatically search through the optional channel for packages and so you can 'yum install libselinux-ruby'.


That said, it sounds like you want to make the package available during installation (ie system hasn't been registered yet), which requires a different approach.  First, I should mention that you're only going to be able to install Optional packages (and those from EPEL, for that matter) from the %post section of a kickstart.  There is no way to accomplish this through the standard graphical installer without setting up your own repository.


To enable access to the Optional channel from a kickstart environment, you can do this:


1) Set up an activation key:


  How do I create an RHN activation key for automated RHN registration of my Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems?


2) Once you've created your key, go back to the Activation Keys page, find yours in the list, and select it.
3) On the next page click the blue tab for 'Child Channels'.
4) Find the Optional channel in the list, select it, and hit Update Key
5) Now in your kickstart %post section, you can use rhnreg_ks along with the activation key to register your system:


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Following the registration, you should be able to 'yum install libselinux-ruby'


Let us know if you have any questions.


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