Does Red Hat support an external IPA solution for RHEV 3.0?

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Red Hat does not support external IPA, only a local IPA, which is tested and certified by Red Hat. Local IPA and LDAP is recommended because this reduces the need for DNS SRV records issues during installation.


NOTE: Red Hat will require customers to uninstall an "external" RHEV-M IPA if it was already installed on the RHEV-M server, which will make ensure there are no issues with its configuration.


The yum install rhevm will also install IPA rpms, then rhem-setup utility will provide the option to use local authentication. Selecting this configures IPA for you using simple mode. This is the only supported configuration for RHEV 3.0 ATM.  That is why you should not have an IPA instance installed on the same server that you installed RHEV manager


The reason behind this is that IPA is tech preview in RHEL6.2. However in order  to allow local configuration we are providing for RHEV Manager supported installation of IPA.


Selecting the remote option during setup is currently supported as in RHEV 2.2 to allow the usage of Active Directory.