Presto Delta RPM's By Default?

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Does anyone think it's time to incorporate drpms into RHEL by default (aware of yum extension in RHEL6), or are most people pulling from a local repo anyway (satellite or homebrew) so it's not an issue?


We're pulling from a local satellite server, so downloading pieces and then re-assembling them would take a lot longer then just downloading the full package.


IMHO, presto is only interesting when you're on low-bandwith connections. Great for laptop / 3G / GPRS connections. But not for normal, wired servers with a descent internet connection.


Please, do not enable this by default. My guess would be 80% of the users would have a lot slower downloads.


An option is ofcourse always possible.

For RHN Hosted connected clients, there is certianly an argument for enabling deltarpm.  I would need a strong argument to sway me for the need to employ it for clients connected to RHN Satellite with a 1Gbit/sec LAN connection.  Would be handy for satellite-sync downloads perhaps?


PayloadIsXz already provided some bandwidth reduction capabilities.


What would be a boost for Satellite customers would be the removal of the license cost for Satellite Proxy.  I once worked for a customer with hundreds of stores around the UK.  Each store (ADSL connected to the LAN) had RHEL server and multiple RHEL desktops.  A DR method was developed to use RHN Proxy on each store server to cache connections from the Desktops back to the Satellite.  Until, that is, no reasonable solution could be found with regards the licensing cost of Satellite Proxy.