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I wanted to start this discussion, so that our users can share their views on how on you are using JON for development, testing, deployment and monitoring of your JBoss Enterprise Middleware. What are the common issues you encountered using JON.




I found the provisioning tool in JON very useful. There are a few steps to clean up in every JBoss instance (ex: setup datasource, jmx-console, run.conf, etc), and after a while, we tend to forget of how and what we changed to the instance. The provisioning tool allows you to track all changes in a script form, and you can take it and rebuild your environment from the ground up.  It becomes really handy when there are numerous JBoss instance and upgrade in CPs.


for more information, check out http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Operations_Network/2.4/html/Basic_Admin_Guide/provisioning-apps.html