Pure Server build - no virtualization etc

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I work in an environment which deploys RHEL on standard physical Servers, where we use the native OS and have no need for virtualization; or we run under VMWare again where we deploy RHEL as the native OS without virtualization. 


It  seems that virtualization has become a standard part of the OS, but in many ernvironments it is totally unnecessary.


I would like to ensure that there was an option to install RHEL WITHOUT any support for virtualization.


You should be able to use "yum groupremove KVM" or "yum groupremove virtualization" (Xen/RHEL5) to remove virtualization related packages, or not click on either of the groups at install time. These two groups can also be omitted in your kickstart files if you are doing unattended and/or network installs.

As far as I know, it's still possible to deploy the OS without any support for virtualisation, in the sense the system would act as a hypervisor to VM's.


There is some more / increasing support for virtualisation in the OS for running as a guest. A lot of this support is build into the kernel.

KVM is built into the kernel (as of 2.6.20), so unless you compile without this support I believe that at least KVM capability is provdided. If you want Xen, you need a particular kernel, and in RHEL5 there is a checkbox to request that. If you are not specifically adding virtualization to our kickstarts, I do not think you are provided with a complete virtualization tool set. For example, perhaps KVM capability is there, but you have no QEMU and no KVM utilities, so therefore you do not have virtualization.


That said, RHEL5 is 2.6.18. I am not sure if Red Hat still adds KVM support to this kernel regardless? But without explicitly installing Xen or Qemu I don't think you will have a full virtualization platform.

I agree with this post, it would be nice to have a lightweight install option, it seems as time goes on RHEL is becoming a bit bloated.  I think it would be great to have a "thin" install option that has all virtualization support removed as well as many other useless things (ex. bluetooth).

See the 'minimal' option in the installer.

Would be good to see what "minimal' would install.  But I often find that dependencies cause of lots of packages to be included - it would be good if these  dependencies could be reduced. eg lockfile drags in procmail, which brings in.........