general sysadmin tool to manage OS services and resources

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I just would like to ask, if it would be possible to make something like overall master tool that would bound together all the spread out "system-config*" and "service*" tools.

I work also on AIX and i still miss something like 'smit' (gui) and 'smitty' (text) tools to manage OS. Nice feature is, if you do something throug it, it also show the command with all attributes etc. that is going to run.

It helps you to learn, use it later for scripting ... work is faster.

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In our Organization, we have RHEL for DB Servers (Production and Testing), Firewalls (with DNS, Proxy-Authentication, NTP, DHCP functions), Fileservers, PDC's, Domino mail servers, and a couple for Win-based Virtual servers.

We also have AIX for our ERP servers (which are relatively new - 3 years), and working with SMIT(TY) has brought a great improvement in managing these servers.

An implementation of a tool like smitty will enforce RHEL usage accross big companies.

Of course, improvements should be performed in back end tools / implementations for this SMIT(TY)-like tool, such us: online management of filesystems, among others.

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