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We would like to see a scheduling feature added for patching servers and running other jobs/scripts. As of now we can run a one time jobusing the SS but would like to have an on-going schedule.

The SS manages all of our systems and we have them grouped so being able to push something to a group of systems or a specific system on a certain time/day on an on-going basis would be handy to have.


every first Tuesday of the month we want to patch test systems and every 2nd Tuesday we want to patch productions systems.

We do not want this in cron in case we want to abort the job.

You already have this for pulling down errata data. Could this be added to the Scheduled actions tab.

It would also be helpful if we want to run a script nightly to pull data from the systems for performance etc. and have it mailed or some other way sent to us.


Hello Joseph,


I understand that you don't want to use crond due to a problem to abort the job. How about using Configuration file to control the cron job?


As per "Red Hat Network Satellite 5.5" documentation:


Centrally-managed files are those that are available to multiple systems; changes to a single file in a central configuration channel can affect many systems. In addition, there are local configuration channels. Each system with a Provisioning entitlement has a local configuration channel (also referred to as an override channel) and a Sandbox channel.



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