RHEV: Interface with feature set storage array's

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Enterprise virtualisation uses Enterprise Storage. This type of storage offers features like snapshotting and replication. I suggest to create a plug-in framework into RHEV to be able to develop plugins (one for each storage array) to be able to do storage level snapshotting and replication (fro ie. DR). This could also be used for things like live storage migration. This way, the snapshotting and replication tasks will be done at the storage level and not at the (RHEV) host level, making it (far) more efficient. Also the load is not on the host but on the array. As an example, look at the vmware / netapp combo. This uses SMVI (Snap Manager for VI) as a interface. Also, look at the way XenServer does this.


I know this is a RHEL 7 group, but I see more RHEV posts here. Maybe a RHEV group is a good idea. Then the RHEV related posts kan be moved there.