MariaDB as an alternative to MySQL

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I would like MariaDB be a selection vs MySQL.  I believe that MariaDB has a more stable code base than MySQL and receives more updates and bug fixes.  I use it on a daily basis and it has worked as a better replacement for MySQL.


Since Postfix comes built against MySQL, it's difficult to build an RPM for MariaDB.  A prebuilt version of MariaDB would solve this.  Thanks!


I seconded this idea, its a great one.


From our simple test, seems that MariaDB performs better than MySQL.


Having both in RHEL is also a good idea as Red Hat is always about CHOICE.

I agree that it is time to offer MariaDB as an alternative (if not replacement - what it's really built to do anyway) to MySQL.

How about percona? Perhaps aquire them?

also, postgres-xc is looking super cool

I have no problem with postgresql, the only issue I have is that my company utilizes Wordpress which is MySQL dependent.  There is a plugin to allow postgresql to be used, but this is for new sites.  If it wasn't for the wordpress dependencies I have, then I would move most or all of my MySQL to Postgresql.  As for percona, MariaDB is built with percona's xtradb(innodb replacement) storage engine.  Also, I notice that some of percona's bug fixes are built in as well. 


Check out MariaDB's wiki:


It goes over the xtradb features from percona has been merged into MariaDB.

Coming in a bit late in the day, perhaps, but we've just stared down the barrel of a rather awkward MySQL problem for which Oracle support gave us no help whatsoever.  I'd have been better asking my 6 & 9 year old daughters to help us.


At the end of the day, independent MySQL guys came to site to take a look and pointed us towards MariaDB.


Having said that, PostgreSQL would be my preferred upgrade path due to our use-case scenario.  However, MariaDB would be a great inclusion to RHEL.