Add more (up to date) packages to RHEL (to make the need to use additional repositories obsolete)

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Currently it's required to use EPEL, IUS, AtomiCorp repositories to fullfill the (customers) requirement(s)


- (al)pine

- rkhunter

- rbldnsd

- newest versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache, ...


With RHEL 7 this packages should be included, perhaps in different channels / versions like introduced php53 with RHEL 5.6 etc.


It would be nice for continously updated versions of libraries, interpretors, and tools.

RHEL is considered a 'stable' distribution, but the slow pace from 5.x to 6.x caused almost every shop to abandon using any Redhat packages for common tools, and they were forced to use third party repos, or build RPM's for modern versions.


Ruby, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Python, all were very dated in RHEL5, and will probably get dated in RHEL6 just the same.

Backporting security fixes is nice, but at some point, new versions need to be integrated for new features before the next major RHEL release comes out (which can be years, apparently).

In order for our organization to have a Ruby interpreter capable of keeping up with new developments, we have had to look elsewhere at third parties.  We turned to RVM ( and third-party repositories like RBEL ( and EPEL to be able to effectively utilize emerging technologies such as Chef on our RHEL 5 & 6 servers.


Don't get me wrong, its great to have unsupported EPEL packages available on RHEL.  But EPEL should not be something I have to rely on for every server I build.