User Administration across multiple Red Hat Servers

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It would be great if there were a central management interface that provided user management accross multiple servers.  For instance if I wanted to remove a single user from all servers.


Tim Macking

Senior IT Engineer


For these cases, why would you do this, rather than working with some sort of centralized directory server?

Does anyone know what program (file) is being used to sync multiple servers on a network? If the servers go out of sync, what command can be used to re-synch them?

That's what things like Puppet are designed to do (hell, if you take the PuppetLab classes, one of their lessons/examples is centered around adding/removing users via Puppet manifest).

Exactly - and up to 10 nodes are free... or they could use the Open Source version (or whatever they call it).

PE's soft licensed. You can actually run as many nodes as you want, they'd just prefer that you start paying them if you're managing more than 10 systems.

I think an ipa server is the way to go in cases where you have multiple users/servers.

Or you can use ansible for administrative stuff in multiple servers if you don't want or need a "domain controller"

If you really want to manage regular user accounts on multiple servers, on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, you can now also use OpenLMI as documented in the System Administrator's Guide.