Installing packages for use under Virtual Box

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Hi, am installing RHEL 6.1 under virtual box for testing, and have hit a snag.  VB requires several packages to be installed to access 'shared directories' under the host machine.  The following packages are not installed per 'yum list installed grep [package]

kernel-devel OR kernel-pae-devel


I tried installing dkms using kernel-devel-2.6.32-131.0.15.el6.i686.rpm, but no joy.  There are a lot of RPM files on the CD image.  Can you direct me to the correct file?





You should be able to find all of the relevant packages on the CD media if you don't have host RHN licensing and network connectivity.

What architecture and kernel version are you using? 'uname -a' should provide the relevant info.

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