RHEL 5.2, Anaconda Kickstart and sshd

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Hi, I am currently using RHEL 5.2.


Is there an option that I can enable sshd when kickstarting my system?


I tried specifying sshpw in my Kickstart file but it seems like Anaconda is treating it as an unknown option.  Is sshpw option only available in RHEL 6?


I would like to do a secure remote login to a kickstarting machine to retrieve files and executing some Python scripts.  Is sshd available?  If not, any other recommendation or suggestion?


Thanks in advance


- David


This option is only for rhel6 not for rhel5. Which you can also find at http://www.linux-archive.org/ubuntu-masters-universe/508846-about-sshd-sshpw-rhel5.html


Thank you for your reply.


Do you know if there's any other option that I can do remote login while kickstarting a system?