Only RH 6.1 Beta for Download?

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I am in the process of downloading/installing RH 6 but notice only 6.1 Beta is available in the download section.

Should I use 6.1 or can I still find 6.0 somewhere?


Thanks in advance


Since RHEL 6.1 hasn't been officially released yet, the most recent RHEL 6 available for download would be RHEL 6.0 (assuming you have active entitlements). The bits can be found on Red Hat Network via the Customer Portal.


Maybe this will help:


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Also, when trying to use yum groupinstall, it tells me the group does not have any packages yet I am able to see the packages when using yum grouplist.


Any ideas?  This is using the 6.1 beta version

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)


This is RHEL 6.0 and should provide you a DVD ISO to install RHEL 6.0 on 64-bit Intel/AMD architectures.

Also, you can't upgrade from a RHEL Beta to anything else, it is stand-alone. If you require isntalling a GA product, you will have to reinstall using RHEL 6.0, register the machine, and *then* you'll be able to update packages via Red Hat Network, and to RHEL 6.1 when it is released.



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Downloading it now..I guess I just missed it.


Thank you!

When on the downloads page you will need to click the blue link that says 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)'. Clicking the [+] sign beside the link will only display the RHEL 6.1 Beta.



I also do not see the 6.1 ISOs 2 weeks after the announcement.

I have entitlement (bought my personal Academic subscription

with no support so I could do my job at a university by seeing

inside Red Hat better.  We have a RHN Satellite but very

limited numbers of server/support contract vs. entitlements.)



Marhn Fullmer

The 6.1 ISOs are showing up under older releases.


We are investigating why this is the case - but likely reason is the release of the 6.0 driver update disk changed a timestamp and inverted the display order.

go to Downloads->Channels  (

instead Downloads->Downloads


I don't know why redhat did this strange thing ... :)

Hello all,

Everything should be resolved now with RHEL 6.1 having been released, and the ISOs now showing up in the correct place (no longer under "Older Releases").  If anyone is still having issues getting access to the appropriate downloads, please do let us know and we can find a solution for you.



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