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I am trying to migrate some servers from 5.5 to 6.0 x86_64, and have been running into the usual package name change issues, but one issue that I can't resolve is php-devel.  Seems to be missing when I try to do a yum search/yum install.  I need to get "phpize" and a few other things which have traditionally been in the php-devel package.  Anyone know what happened to the package, or which other one now has the development libs/tools?  I'd prefer a sanctioned Red Hat package rather than just pulling something off the web.  Thanks much.


Hi Inge,
With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, all non-essential packages (such as -devel packages) were placed into a separate "Optional" channel corresponding to your base channel.  For instance, if you have a system registered to RHEL Server [v. 6], then you would want to subscribe your system to the RHEL Server Optional [v. 6] channel to get devel packages. 


  Many *-devel packages are not available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


Once your system is registered to the Optional channel, you should be able to install php-devel via yum.  Let us know if that doesn't correct your issue.



John Ruemker, RHCA

Red Hat Technical Account Manager


Obtaining the -devel packages using Certificate-based RHN is a bit defferent.



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