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I am looking for the rpm's to install the following software on a RHEL 5.5 platform. I would like to install these from a redhat channel if possible. One thing I noticed is some of this software and the versions I need are in the RHEL 6 channels. Can I install these packages listed under a RHEL 6 channel on a RHEL 5.5 server?


Here's the software:


Ruby 1.8.7

RubyGems 1.3.7

Subversion 1.6

mysql 5.5

git 1.7

nginx 0.9 or 1.0


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,




Mark, the only way Red Hat would be able to support the upgraded packages is if they were upgraded via a matching RHEL channel. In this case - a RHEL 5 system pulling from a RHEL 5 RHN channel.


So the simple answer is that if the updated package you are looking for isn't in a RHEL 5 RHN channel, it isn't supported by Red Hat. The updated package you are looking for could be included in a forthcoming minor release (like RHEL 5.7) though, so don't lose hope.


On the other hand, there could be situations where rebasing of a user space package could create more regressions for folks in production environments. In these cases some user space packages only allow backporting of fixes from upstream. It all depends on the package.


Hope this helps.

Hi Mark,

You are correct that several of the packages you are looking for are only available in RHEL 6, or are available but with a lower version than you need in RHEL 5.5.  That said, several of them were updated to the version you specified in RHEL 5.6. 


The state of each of the packages you listed is as follows:


* Ruby: latest RHEL 5.6 version is ruby-1.8.5.  RHEL 6.0 offers 1.8.7

* RubyGems: Does not appear to be offered in RHEL 5 or 6

* Subversion: latest RHEL 5.6 version is 1.6.11

* mysql: RHEL 5.6 comes with mysql-5.0, 6.0 comes with mysql-5.1

* git: git is not available in RHEL 5.  RHEL 6 offers git 1.7

* nginx: Does not appear to be offered in RHEL 5 or 6


For packages where the version you need is offered in RHEL 5.6, you should be able to just update that package (dependencies may require updates as well).  However in general, we recommend keeping your system updated to a consistent release across the board (ie, all packages are at the 5.6 level).  So for example, if you were going to take advantage of ruby in RHEL 5.6, we recommend updating your entire system to 5.6 (or at a minimum, the entire web stack).


For those packages where the version you need is only in RHEL 6, there is no supported method for using them on RHEL 5.  You're best option would be to reinstall your system with RHEL 6 to be able to take advantage of those.


Is there a specific reason you are unable to upgrade to RHEL 6?  Perhaps we can help you work around any limitations you're seeing if you let us know what they are.


John Ruemker, RHCA

Red Hat Technical Account Manager

Thanks for all your feedback. We are stuck with using RHEL 5.5 as our corporate standard. The application folks are looking for these specific software versions. At this point, we will go directly to the source and download their tarball and compile the software with make and make install. I was just hoping we could get hte software diretly from redhat and have more confidence in the install.



I've used those sides for many rpm packages that epel doesn't have.