System Registration---Getting your system up and running!

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Before you begin your registration, please first visit your Red Hat Network account at to confirm that you do not have any extra or duplicate systems. Your systems must match exactly one to one with your subscriptions. Any systems over that number will not connect properly and result in an 'Error Code 70' message. To verify the number of entitlements that you have, click on the 'Entitlements' tab, then select the 'Software Channel Entitlements' button in the grey box to the left.

If you have received a 16 digit activation code from one of our resellers, please first activate it by logging in to All other subscriptions will have been placed directly into your user account with no need for manual activation.




If for any reason you need to delete a system that you have previously registered, please do the following:

1) log in to
2) click on the Systems tab in the red bar
3) click on the name of each system and this will link you to another page
4) click on Delete System in the top right corner of this page
5) make sure to click the Delete Profile button on the next prompted page



To properly register your system,please do the following:

-login as the root user to your system
-run the command 'up2date --register' (for version 4 only)
-run the command 'rhn_register' (for version 5 and 6)
-when using either command, the system will prompt you for additional information to complete the registeration process.

When you are prompted for your registration number, you will also have the option of select 'I do not have a subscription registration number' or 'Use one of my existing active subscriptions'. Your subscription should already be active in your Red Hat account at this time, so you will NOT need to enter a registration number when prompted. Instead, select the option that appears below this field.


Please also note the following two things before you begin your registration. First, we currently have a bug with the ability to send hardware information for 4.0 installations. If you are registering a 4.0 system, please uncheck the box for sending this information during registration. If you would like to later send your hardware information, you can do so by running 'up2date --hardware' in your terminal window.


Please click on the link below for directions on registering your Virtual System:

Visit the Red Hat Knowledgebase for additional system registration information:


Great info, but for folks that are interested in utilizing the new certificate-based RHN in RHEL 6.1 Beta and newer, the following guide would be useful:

Looks like there are some updates in the url. I got a 404 error.


Current link -