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In the 11 or so years I've been managing communities, I've always made sure that we have a closed loop process for listening to our users. That's why this Site Suggestions group is so important. As a matter of fact, we've purposefully taken a minimalistic approach to the roll out of Groups in hopes that your feedback and guidance will help us create the site that you, the Red Hat customer or partner, would like to see.


Would you like to be able to say more about yourself in your user profile? Would you like the notifications to work better? Would you like to see the site laid out a little differently? The Customer Portal Team would love to hear your ideas on how this area can improve, so tell us here--and don't be shy. You can create a discussion and ask for comments from other users (and we'll probably pitch in too), or create your own collaborative documents with more specific details. This is your community, so let's make it the best it can be!




Henry Hutton

Community Manager

Customer Portal Online User Groups



I kinda like the "Browse" tab as the default view for groups.


Also, "View" should probably be called something else like "Overview" or similar.

Thanks, Andrius--I'll make note of that!



Hi Jerome and Ted, and I appreciate the feedback. The avatar issue is a known bug that we hope to have fixed soon.


I'll verify that we have the autosubscribe bug in our system as well, Ted, and thanks for letting us know!



Joining groups is useful, leaving them is not obvious (didnt yet find if).

Should be as easy to find as joining.


Also if the 'joining' serves another purpose as 'receiving mails when someone posts something' then one should be able to prevent that an email is sent for every post.

Hey Christian, and thanks for the suggestion. Yes, we definitely need to make the groups management feature more intuitive.


For now, to leave a group, click on "My Membership" on the top right. You'll then be able to click a button to leave a group.



Andrius, Jerome, and Ted- we hope to have a new site release today that will change 1) the "View" wording, and 2) improve the image upload issues. Please check back and let me know what you think.



I still cannot seem to upload an image. The image seems to be accepted and a message states my changes are saved, but I do not see the image in my profile.


Henry - have the changes been pushed?

I find it sometimes useful to have option "view as pdf"  as in Red Hat Knowledge base. Maybe add that option here could also be useful.

my 0.002c



Hi Elvir, and thanks for the post.


Can you be more specfic? Are you saying you'd like these discussions and comments to be viewable as a PDF? I just want to be sure about what you're asking.





I would like to be notified by email if someone mentions a topic I am interested in or am an expert in.


For example I would like to watch for messages containing selinux, sandbox, svirt etc.

A wonderful suggestion, Dan, and I've added that to our development backlog!


Henry Hutton

Community Manager, Red Hat Online User Groups

Hi Phil,


Thanks for the post, and the certification icon is definitely in our backlog. We'd actually like to link it with our certification web service so that a user's certification status in their groups profile is automatically kept current. That may take a little time, so an interim solution is also a possibility. I also like the signature idea and will dig into it further.


I really appreciate the suggestions, and keep'em coming!




Henry Hutton

Community Manager, Online User Groups

Red Hat Customer Portal


It would be great if you could offer NNTP access to the Groups. That would make it much easier to follow and participate in discussions than what we have now with only web access.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jan. Looks like there's not an existing module for Drupal 6 for this, but we could certainly consider it if enough users had a need. Feel free to start another discussion specifically to see what others think and I'll highlight it as well-



- It's really hard to find out where to view and edit your profile. I was expecting some kind of module in the upper right of the groups pages showing my profile avatar and a link to my full profile with an option to edit, but there's just a small, plain link buried in the list on the left-hand side. It took me a good 5 minutes of hunting across several pages to find it.


- Once I tried to upload my avatar, it gives me an odd error. It says my email address is already registered, and asks if I forgot it. When I click on the link it gives me, I get a 503 error. So I can't have an avatar. :(


- My name has accent marks in it. Sometimes when I'm navigating through the customer portal, my name switches to garbage characters. "Welcome M%C3%A1ir%C3%ADn" is not very welcoming. :)

Hi Máirín, and thanks for the suggestions and feedback!


I like your ideas about profile visibility, and that is something we've discussed. I've created an RFE for this specifically and will copy you, and I'd like to pull you in when we look to implement that feature, ok?


On your second item- as an associate, there could be an issue with your login already existing in our system. That sounds like a old bug rearing it's ugly head and I'll send a note to QA and copy you on that.


The third item does sound like a larger Customer Portal issue with accent marks since your name seems to be represented well here in the groups/forums. Again, we'll search for a BZ and add a new one if it's not listed.


Thanks again for your input, and don't hesitate to contact me directly at hhutton@redhat.com if you need anything more-




Community Manager, Online User Groups

Red Hat Customer Portal


Hi Henry!


I'd be happy to work with you on the profile visibilty feature! I was thinking of something like in the OpenShift discussions where on the right-hand sidebar, there's a block that shows your avatar, your name, and your status with a link to view your full profile and edit it. (https://www.redhat.com/openshift/community/forums). Maybe it would be more appropriate as a block on the left-hand navigation here, though.


I used to work on the RHN team so I definitely have many separate logins tied to the same email address and my account probably has some weird legacy stuff tied to it. I did change the email address associated with this profile, however (I added +1 before a '@') and I still get the error. The error cites the old address. I verified the new email address and waited a couple hours to see if it just took time to come over to this side of the app; no dice, and the error message still sites the original email address. :(


I will email a screenshot of the name encoding issue.


Thanks for the extremely quick, thorough, and friendly response :)

Thanks everyone for your suggestions in this discussion. It has gotten quite long now so I'm going to close off comments, but feel free to create a new discussion for your suggestion!


David Powles
Community Moderator