Do I have to update subscription ?

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Do I have to update subscription ?

I purchased two years ago red hat linux 5
and did not have to renew the subscription

And now, I have to format the server

I have red hat install image and does not need any red hat support(including an update of the software)

I want to re-install it using the installation image that I have.

I want to know that violation of the license.


What happens at the end of my subscription?

To continue to receive the benefits of your Red Hat subscriptions, you must renew them so that all instances and installations of Red Hat software maintain an active subscription.

If you choose to let all your subscriptions expire and have no other active subscriptions in your organization, you retain the right to use the software, but your entire environment will no longer receive any of the subscription benefits, including:

  • The latest certified software versions.
  • Security errata or bug fixes.
  • Red Hat technical support.
  • Access to the Customer Portal.
  • Red Hat's Open Source Assurance.